East Bergholt: Young’s Container Services adopts Fargo System’s TOPS software

Suffolk-based Fargo Systems is working with Young’s Container Transport, which has recently implemen

Suffolk-based Fargo Systems is working with Youngs Container Transport, which has recently implemented TOPS across itsr depots in Tilbury and Southampton. - Credit: Archant

Suffolk-based logistics software specialist Fargo Systems has secured another major customer.

Fargo’s TOPS (Transport Operations & Processing Systems) software has been rolled out by Young’s Container Transport (YCT) across its Tilbury and Southampton depots, involveing 170 vehicles of its own and those of 70 subcontractors.

Fargo, which is based at East Bergholt, near Ipswich, and is a member of the EADT’s Future50 listing of high-growth potential businesses, provides a variety of bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions to the haunlage industry.

YCT says that its introduction of TOPS has already created a number of efficiency savings.

Brian Walker, managing director at YCT said: “My first objective after being appointed MD of Young’s Container Transport was to review our operating system.

“It became very clear that we needed to introduce a new up to date and robust system that would make us even more efficient, whilst adding value to our customers. I fully investigated other options; however none could offer the major operational efficiency gains that I knew TOPS could deliver.”