East of England: BT regional director Dave Hughes seeks public sector partnership on super-fast broadband

A NEW regional director at telecoms giant BT has urged the public sector to work with the group to help bring super-fast broadband to as many parts of the East of England as possible.

And Dave Hughes, who has played a key role in the development of new products and services for super-fast broadband, had pledged to use his expertise to help the region develop its “immense potential”.

Mr Hughes, who is aged 51 and lives in Ipswich, was announced by BT as its new East of England director yesterday. Achievements during his 30-year career with the group include leading on the launch of the world’s first mobile phone that works seamlessly on broadband, BT Fusion, and managing the UK’s leading public Wi-Fi network, BT Openzone.

His new role will see him playing a leading part in the development of new products and services to take advantage of the new super-fast optical fibre networks now being built and deployed across the UK.

“We are at a very exciting stage of developing super-fast communications in the region,” he said yesterday. “We aim to roll-out the technology to two thirds of the UK by 2015 and beyond this we want to work with the public sector to find solutions for the more challenging locations.

“I would very much welcome the opportunity to work with other interested bodies to find ways to get super-fast broadband to as many areas as possible within the East of England. Working in partnership with the public sector is going to be key as BT looks to ways of delivering this new service to communities across the region.

“The rapid development of communications technology is already having a hugely beneficial impact on the East of England, bringing prosperity while helping to safeguard our precious environment,” he added.