Energy service launch

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU)has launched a new range of renewables and energy efficiency services to help reduce environmental impacts and increase farm profits for its members.

The Farm Energy Service will offer independent advice on energy issues including solar panels, wind energy, grid connections and energy contracts. It will also provide assistance with legal queries, planning, finance and insurance. The NFU is teaming up with renewable energy specialists Fisher German and energy efficiency and contract management experts Farm Energy to provide the services.

NFU President Peter Kendall, who officially launched the service during this week’s NFU Conference in Birmingham, said the recent creation of Feed in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes had sparked great interest in renewable energy which had led to a reassessment of the kinds of services the NFU provides.

“The NFU’s recent survey of members showed that nearly one in three is involved in some kind of renewable energy activity, and 20 per cent are generating clean electricity from natural resources like the sun and wind,” he said.

“Our own Government ministers are now realising the enormous potential of land-based renewables, so this is very much the right time for the NFU to provide a comprehensive energy service. Farmers and growers can manage their use and production of energy to support farm profitability while impacting less on the environment.”