Suffolk Business Awards 2022: A chance to showcase the positive impact you have made

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The Director of the Year category will recognise strong leadership qualities, as well as business and financial acumen - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Directors play a key role in driving businesses forward, and the Director of the Year category at the Suffolk Business Awards 2022 will recognise a business leader that demonstrates a clear path towards achieving this. Emma Proctor King, from sponsor The Churchmanor Estates Company Plc, shares why she is looking forward to judging this year’s entries.

Can you tell us a bit about your business journey? 

I started my career in London working for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and, like most of us do, came home to Suffolk some 11 years ago. 

I have been working for The Churchmanor Estates Company for the last eight years, and am lucky enough to work with a diverse and experienced group of people who are committed to the growth and improvement of not only the business but also the east of England. 

Why were you keen to get involved in the Suffolk Business Awards? 

Having sponsored the Suffolk Business Awards for the last three years, I was really keen to be included this year. 

These awards are a chance to recognise and celebrate all of the fantastic businesses and individuals across the county and to acknowledge their outstanding achievements. 

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What have your previous experiences of judging been like? 

I love being a part of the Suffolk Business Awards. Meeting all the incredible business owners, employees and organisations across the county has been really inspiring and makes me really appreciate what a fabulous part of the UK we live and work in. 

Emma Proctor King, head of communications at The Churchmanor Estates Company plc

Emma Proctor King, head of communications at The Churchmanor Estates Company plc - Credit: Churchmanor Estates Company

What will you be looking for in the winner? 

The winner of Director of the Year will be a leader who can demonstrate how they integrate the success and smooth running of their business alongside a strong sense of responsibility and consideration for their employees. 

We will be looking for them to explain their vision for financial growth and innovation together with an understanding of the key challenges they face within the competitive landscape of their industry. 

What advice would you give to a business or individual that’s considering entering? 

My advice to anyone thinking about entering would be ‘why not?’ 
Whether you are the leader of a start-up or the director of an established corporation, this award is a great way to showcase the positive impact you have made on your business, the development of your people and the local community. 

Award criteria

The judges will be looking for a director who has strong leadership qualities, as well as business and financial acumen, evidenced by their company’s growth and investment. 

They will have structured, defined values and a mission for their businesses, and have shown resilience through any challenges and obstacles along the way, all while demonstrating clear managerial skills.

For more information and to enter the Director of the Year category at the Suffolk Business Awards 2022, visit