Suffolk Business Awards 2022: Is your business investing in skills for the future?

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The Education in Business Award will recognise businesses committed to the skill development of their employees - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Education in Business Award at the Suffolk Business Awards 2022 is open to organisations that are committed to equipping people with the skills for now and the future. Judge Claire Casbolt, head of business development at Suffolk New College, tells us why she thinks education and training are vital to growth.

Why were you keen to get involved in the Business Awards? 

I am keen to promote education in business and encourage those with ambition to push for their goals whilst building a team with the required knowledge and competencies. 

I enjoy seeing the journey and success of those around me and would like to support them by being involved in the awards. 

What do you bring to the judging process? 

An understanding of education but also a commercial awareness that will help to evaluate businesses’ plans and identify keys talents when selecting the winner. 

What have your previous experiences of judging been like? 

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I thoroughly enjoyed judging the Young Business Person Award at the Suffolk Business Awards 2020 and was inspired and impressed with all applicants. 

I also assisted in judging the Education in Business Award in 2021, which again brought inspirational educational planning to the forefront. 

What inspires you in business? 

Seeing the diverse range of businesses in the region and how they approach their business models.

Claire Casbolt, head of business development at Suffolk New College

Claire Casbolt, head of business development at Suffolk New College - Credit: Suffolk New College

Do you have any anecdotes of moments that changed your business strategy? 

In my previous role, I wrote a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) bid to become an approved Apprenticeship Training Provider. Whilst my roles have been employer-focused for the majority of my career, this experience gave me an insight into the financial impact of training and the quality that is required to face financial audit and Ofsted inspections. 

Why should businesses take the time to enter this award? 

It’s a way to share good practice and get recognition and praise for your hard work. You may also inspire others to pause, review and develop educational opportunities within their own organisation. 

What advice would you give to a business that’s considering entering? 

Look at your journey and envisage your five-year plan, incorporating what training you may need to reach your goals so that the judges get a clear vision of your mission.

Award criteria

This award is open to businesses of all shapes and sizes that are committed to skill development of their employees or potential employees. 

The judges will be looking for an organisation that is going above and beyond its business needs to equip people with the skills of the future. The winner of this award will be putting into place practices or procedures to enable the next generation to succeed. 

To enter the Education in Business Award category at the Suffolk Business Awards 2022, visit the website at