Essex milkshakes firm Shaken Udder sees sales soar

Jodie Farran and Andrew Howie, founders of Shaken Udder.

Jodie Farran and Andrew Howie, founders of Shaken Udder. - Credit: Archant

An Essex-based milkshakes firm saw sales soar by 35% last year.

Shaken Udder founder Jodie Farran, who set up the business, based at Tolleshunt Major, near Maldon with Andrew Howie in 2004, said marketing strategies including competitions, social media marketing and collaborative marketing helped to boost the brand.

“As a small business we don’t have the big marketing budgets that lots of our competitors have, meaning we must be as innovative and resourceful as possible to make our marketing budget work harder,” she said.

“Key to our activities are collaborating with other like-minded brands that reflect our ethos and brand values – something we’ve worked hard to achieve over this past year.”

The launch of a new salted caramel flavour 330ml milkshake at the start of the year, and new 1-litre ‘Uber Udder’ cartons contributed to the rise.

The firm has worked with high-profile brands such as Benefit Cosmetics and Dorset Cereal, but also collaborated with smaller brands, she said.

“These collaborations have produced great results and in some cases we achieved 50% more entries than these high-profile brands average when collaborating with other companies. Obviously it’s great for us, but also beneficial for companies we collaborate with too, small or large,” said Jodie.

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“This year we’ve linked up with the likes of Fairfield Farm Crisps and The Secret Hamper. It’s important to build a sense of community with other local companies.

“We all face similar challenges, so working collaboratively together can help strengthen and support each other by tapping into new or niche audiences, gathering vital data, and driving brand awareness. This ultimately has a positive impact on brand sales.”

Shaken Udder now plans to build on its success in 2016 by working with other brands.

“This activity will therefore remain an important pillar of our marketing strategy, combined with other core activities including in-store promotions, sampling and, of course, our annual UK festival tour which is where our milkshakes were born,” said Jodie.