Essex: Shergroup takes a leaf out of the book from Marks & Spencer and John Lewis

ESSEX outsourcing specialist Shergroup had followed the lead of top retailers by adopting a new approach to customer service.

Braintree-based Shergroup, which provides security, technology, legal, enforcement and recruitment services, has established a “hub” consisting staff with a combined total of more than 50 years’experience in handling enforcement and legal business.

Shergroup chief executive Claire Sandbrook said: “We understand that our customers have a choice about who they call on to be their providers, so we wanted to give them a real centre of excellence when it comes to some of the tricky questions we get asked, particularly in our enforcement division.

“We have found that our backbone of technical knowledge can be turned into a set of very valuable customer solutions. We originally offered personal account management but found that actually we needed to be consistent in covering times when colleagues weren’t in the office.

“So, by harmonising the skills of our current team and updating their product knowledge into new areas of Shergroup business, we can offer even more help and advice to our customers.”

She added: “Shergroup led the way in developing client relationship managers when High Court Enforcement Officers were created in 2004. ow, we are moving that forward into creating customer solution advisors who are a one stop shop for all Shergroup customers.”

The customer service team is comprised of Raz Dadabhoy, who joined the Sheriffs Lodgment Centre in 1998, along with long-standing colleagues Cathy Rhys and Jackie Morgan. They aresupported by Sharon Housden and new joiner Danielle Payne.

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Mrs Sandbrook addeed: “This new, friendly team has benefited from intensive product knowledge and customer service training. We have modelled the new team on the customer service experience of retail giants such as Marks and Spencer and John Lewis, as we all shop there and know how we like to be treated as VIP customers.

“Our model is to be able to use the experience to grow our customer solutions hub for the benefit of all our customers who are our VIPs. Those customers who have been used to dealing with just one contact can now call on five people to help them resolve any query they have.”