Eye: Leadership needed at new business forum

A TOWN councillor is looking for someone to lead a new business forum which aims to improve the prospects for the local economy.

Maria Ford, Eye town councillor, is promoting the Business Forum as she hopes it will get more people into the high street.

“The council is looking for someone to come forward, we are not here to tell businesses what to do, the council really wants to work with the shops and businesses to accommodate their ideas,” she said.

“The first one was quite well attended. Following the next meeting, we will be organising a chair and everything,” said Mrs Ford.

Despite the calls to get more people out shopping in the town, Mrs Ford said that only one shop was currently unoccupied.

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Merlin Carr, mayor of Eye said: “There’s a continuing focus on supporting the businesses in the town, we have a good amount of specialist shops and people will hopefully still use them, especially with the cost of petrol to get to Diss.”

Bruce Salter, owner of The Handyman shop in Broad Street, said that he would be ready to head up the business forum, he said: “I’m up for doing it if no one else would, we want the town to prosper in the context of what a nice little town it is.

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“It was a good idea for the council to start it, hopefully the shops can carry it on. We can only speak as we find it, but the general consensus is for Eye to be a little bit busier.”

David Dunnett, owner of David Dunnett Family Butchers, in Church Street, said: “It will be a good thing for the town, so far it’s sparked up some talk.”

The date for the next Business Forum meeting is today (Wednesday) at 5.45 pm, in Eye Town Hall.

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