Farm’s cracking Waitrose contract

AN organic farmer has cracked a new market for his eggs.

Kelsale-based William Kendall has begun supplying Waitrose with his Maple Farm organic eggs which are produced to Soil Association standards.

The eggs will go to the supermarket giant’s new Saxmundham branch, which lies just three miles from the farm.

The hens which produce the eggs live on a locally sourced diet made up of grains crushed in the farm’s mill which is situated next door to where the birds freely range.

Waitrose decided to stock the produce as part of a commitment to local and regional produce, and says it is dedicated to sourcing as close to branches as possible.

Maple Farm organic eggs are joining other produce from the area including Stark Naked pesto, Musk’s sausages, Hill Farm rapeseed oil, Paddy & Scott’s coffee and Staverton conserves.

Waitrose Saxmundham branch manager Paul Reeley said: “We are proud to be working with Mr Kendall.

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“Customers want to know where their food comes from. So being able to buy food and drink produced locally is very important to them - and also to us. William’s eggs not only taste delicious but are also top notch from an ethical perspective with great welfare standards and the birds being fed with grain milled on the farm.

Mr Kendall said: “We already have a loyal following so I am delighted that by being stocked at Waitrose.

“Even more people in the area will be able to sample our delicious organic eggs. Being stocked by such a well-regarded retailer is fantastic.”

Maple Farm organic eggs are available from Waitrose Saxmundham at �2.35 for six eggs.