Farmer milks vending market

A DAIRY farmer selling raw milk via a newly-installed vending machine has seen sales soar.

Jonathan Crickmore, who farms on the Suffolk/Norfolk border at Fen Farm, Flixton Road, Bungay, has already established a local customer base for his own unpasteurised milk, which he sells fresh from a shed on the farm as a diversification from his bulk milk sales.

He then decided to branch out with a vending machine, and some specially-designed reusable milk bottles designed by Alex Hammond with artwork by local artist Gemma Wiseman.

“We have had a milk vending machine in our little shed for the past two months and now have some very cool bring-your-own-back glass bottles,” he explained.

“We have found people were a little scared to begin with but have now got the hang of it and we have increased sales still further.

“I think I’m right in saying we are the only farm in the UK that sell raw milk through a vending machine.

“I think we are beginning to have created a bit of a movement among local foodies and other dairy farmers as I have been approached by five other dairy farmers who are interested in starting their own milk sales.