Farmers urged to submit counts of wild grey partridge to GWCT

A grey partridge Picture: PETER THOMPSON/ GWCT

A grey partridge Picture: PETER THOMPSON/ GWCT - Credit: Peter Thompson/GWCT

Farmers, land managers and gamekeepers who took part in the Partridge Count Scheme (PCS) this spring are being urged to return their counts to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT).

GWCT scientists are collating this season’s results, which measure spring breeding abundance of wild grey partridges.

“This year’s extended winter really delayed the start of the count and conditions in the count ‘window’ have made it difficult for those taking part, so it’s absolutely essential we encourage everyone involved to return their findings,” said PCS co-ordinator Neville Kingdon.

“I urge anyone who wants to help grey partridges on their land, irrespective of whether they shoot or not, to get involved. The wild grey partridge is an extremely useful ‘barometer’ of wider farmland biodiversity - what’s good for greys is also good for much more in our countryside, especially other struggling farmland birds.”

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