Farming Insight: Essex Young Farmers are gearing up for another year, says Amy Harrison

ESSEX Young Farmers officially started up again in September, with our first formal meeting on September 5 at our county building.

All our clubs have been very busy over the past month with harvest finally in full swing and most of the boys being “flat out”.

As we start to gear up for another year in Essex YFC the Barleylands Show is the first date in the Essex Young Farmers calendar as we had the privilege of once again running the bar for the entire weekend. It is a great local event and gives members existing and new the opportunity to sign up for the following fun packed year of Young Farmer activities.

Everyone was as always welcomed back to the young farmers way by serving drinks to the thirsty visitors as well as the all important set up and clearing away of the bar itself. After a few quiet Young Farmer weeks as many are busy with the harvest, it was a fantastic weekend to get back into the swing of the Young Farmer year, catch up on the gossip and generally have some fun!

Another thing that all clubs have been doing is publicising their club and encouraging new members to come along and join. This is such an important part of being in EYFC to grow as a county and to involve as many people from all backgrounds. So let me tell you a little about Essex YFC and why we are so great!..

The Essex Young Farmers are a youth organisation made up of 16 to 26 year olds and, despite the name, you don’t have to be a farmer to join; absolutely anyone can be a member! Essex Young Farmers is run by its members for its members so everyone has the chance to have a say in what goes on. With 12 clubs across the county there really is something for everyone, be it organising events, playing sports, fundraising for charities or simply enjoying the social side of it all!

Essex Young Farmers also have competitions every month for clubs to take part in, including bowling, rugby, mixed hockey, football, netball, public speaking, tug of war and many more.

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As if this wasn’t enough for us to be getting on with, Essex Young Farmers also organises one of the county’s biggest annual country shows. This is attended by almost 14,000 people and is organised and run entirely by us, the members. If you are looking for a challenge then this might just be for you!

If you would be interest in joining or maybe want to find out more please contact EYFC at