Fashion store to open in Poundland - Carr Street - this week


PEP&Co - Credit: Archant

PEP&CO, Britain’s fast-growing fashion brand, has revealed it will open a second ‘shop-in-shop’ in Ipswich on Friday, May 12.

The store - offering a full range of women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion - will open inside sister company Poundland at 26-32 Carr Street.

PEP&CO opened its first Ipswich shop-in-shop at Sailmakers Shopping Centre earlier this month.

This was the value fashion brand’s first store in East Anglia, along with another in Great Yarmouth, which opened on the same day.

The shop-in-shop will feature PEP&CO’s full range - but not at the expense of Poundland’s existing offer. Through clever use of existing space, the Carr Street Poundland store has the capacity to accommodate a full PEP&CO without reducing existing ranges.

PEP&CO’s managing director, Adrian Mountford, is anticipating that the new shop-in-shop will have a huge impact for Ipswich’s fashion conscious shoppers.

Adrian said: ““We’ve had a great welcome from customers in Ipswich, and we really appreciate their support.

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“It’s that support which has helped us become Britain’s fastest-growing family fashion brand, and we will continue to work hard to champion affordable family fashion in Ipswich and across the UK.”

Since February 2017, the value fashion brand has already opened over 35 shop-in-shops in Poundlands across the UK, with the first opening in Hanley. The retailer plans to open an additional 50 shop-in-shops at Poundland over 42 days later this year.

By October, PEP&CO will be in available in around 170 locations - and is set to bring the brand to over 570 other Poundlands with a selection of key best sellers in the stores. Poundland has seven million customers each week.