Firms told to try for 2012 Games business

A SMALL firm is urging local companies to “go for it” and bid for London Olympics business after a survey revealed some thought they were too late, or that there would be no benefits for the East of England.

Film company Bruizer, based at Rendlesham, near Woodbridge, won a second contract with the London Organising Committee for the Games after their success with their first.

Bruizer, a �1million turnover business employing eight staff, said the region’s firms should not be put off by the false idea that London companies would outshine them.

Its advice to other businesses was offered as a survey by Lloyds Banking Group showed that nearly a third of East of England firms felt constrained by a lack of ability to invest in preparations for the Games, and nearly two thirds felt they didn’t have anything to gain from them. Of those surveyed, 42% believed they offered no benefits for the East of England and one in 10 thought it was too late to take action.

Bruizer spokesman Jamie Niblock said: “We took the idea that if you don’t go for it, you definitely won’t get it and we went for it.

“So many people think that just because they are outside the M25 they don’t have as much to offer as a London company. We think we have more to offer because we have got more space. It certainly worked for us.”

He added: “We started off doing the education side, the Get Set guide, and through that we were one of only five companies on the roster to provide the filming for London 2012.”

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Having looked at the pitch document, they knew they had all the necessary skills and abilities, he said.

“I think so many people were frightened that it was being held in London,” he said.

“Just because we are out in the sticks doesn’t mean we haven’t got the expertise.”

Lloyds Banking Group, which warned that the region’s firms could lose out on a share of a potential �2.9billion worth of business, has published a new guide to help businesses get ready for the Games.

Its study canvassed the views of more than 100 businesses across the region and found 26% believe the Games will boost their growth, while 79% thought Britain would benefit.

Lloyds Commercial regional director Neil Mahoney said: “It is a big mistake to assume that if you’re not based in London and you’re not in a sector directly related to the event that you have nothing to prepare for.”