Founders of tech start-ups offer advice for business success

Rami Bakri founder of Upside

Rami Bakri founder of Upside offers advice for business success - Credit: Rami Bakri

Two ex-pupils of an Ipswich school have combined in the tech world with an analytics platform that aims to help teams become more satisfied with their working lives. 

Upside is the brainchild of former Royal Hospital School (RHS) student Rami Bakri, 34, who has been able to develop the idea with the help of investment from school friend Jack Beaman, also 34. 

Since their school days the pair have kept in touch and both entered the tech world. 

Mr Beaman, is CEO of temporary work tech company Indeed Flex, and offered his school friend the benefit of his experience.

Mr Bakri said: "One of the things I had done a couple of times previously was try to bootstrap a company i.e. building it in my spare time with zero outside money.

"The problem is that deep-tech companies require a lot of upfront time investment in designing and building the product. Jack consistently mentioned I should raise money first and not to be afraid of not having the product 'ready'.

"Despite being 10 years into tech start-ups, I was still hesitant on whether this was really going to be possible; typical self-doubt. I decided to trust him and go for it, and he was absolutely right. We managed to raise £200,000 and that enabled me and my co-founders to work full time on bringing Upside to reality."

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Offering advice to people looking to achieve success, Mr Bakri, a married father of two said: "Try and be honest with yourself on what you want, then get started. Bias to action but also being patient for results to come in is key, I think. Bill Gates has a great quote I think of often - 'Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years'.

Mr Beaman added: “Don't be scared to fail as you learn a lot more through failing than succeeding, but when you do fail make sure you dust yourself off and get back up ready to go again with the new experience you have learnt from.”