Future 50: Grant boosts Archive Vault’s move to greener operation

Solar panels on the Archive Vault head office

Norwich-based Archive Vault got a grant from BEE Anglia to install solar panels - Credit: Archive Vault

Solar panels are part of Norwich firm’s sustainability plan.


The Future 50 programme is powered by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

Every business can play its part in combating climate change, as Future 50 member Archive-Vault has shown, fitting solar panels to its Norwich HQ.

Archive Vault's Zoe and Bradley Pitcher

Family business: director Zoe and Bradley Pitcher of Archive Vault - Credit: Archive Vault

“The plan was always to be energy efficient when we built the building,” says director Zoe Pitcher. "The lighting is all LED and on motion sensors to avoid lights being left on all day wasting energy.”

Archive Vault's energy efficient storage facility in Norwich

The energy-efficient Archive Vault facility uses motion-activated LED lighting - Credit: Archive Vault

The document-storage specialists’ building uses an efficient, environmentally friendly air-source heat pump to warm the underfloor heating and the hot water – and this is now powered by the solar panels. 

“It's a comfortable working environment - you haven't got that extreme of hot and cold,” explains office manager Emily Pitcher. “As it's a new building, it's designed to be more of a constant temperature.”

Invaluable documents are delivered daily across East Anglia, playing a crucial part in their client’s daily operations. “The next initiative is to get an electric van and install an electric-vehicle charging point,” explains Zoe. 

Archive Vault fleet used for collecting documents across East Anglia

The next stage in the green programme is to get an electric van for the Archive Vault fleet - Credit: Archive Vault

Archive-Vault secured a grant to help install the new solar panels, from BEE Anglia – Business Energy Efficiency Anglia, which is delivered by Suffolk County Council, Norfolk County Council, Groundwork and NWES (Norfolk and Waveney Enterprise Services).

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“We generate more solar power than we currently need during the day, anything surplus is sent back to the grid” says Zoe. "We plan to install batteries in the future so we can store what we generate and use it at night.” 

“It’s definitely the way the world is going,” says Emily. “It’s really positive that we’re (Archive-Vault) moving in the right direction and doing our best to be environmentally responsible.” 

For more information, see www.archive-vault.co.uk

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