Future 50: iboxit prepares for soft launch

iBoxit environmentally friendly recycled plastic pallet

The iBoxit compressed plastic pallet is environmentally friendly and virtually indestructible - Credit: iBoxit

The innovative environmentally-friendly pallets developed by Norwich start-up and Future 50 member iBoxit are preparing for the next crucial stage in the development process. 

“We’re in talks with the Scotland Food and Drink Partnership [the trade organisation for farming, fishing and drink north of the Border] to roll the pallet out across the sector, almost as a soft launch,” explains founder John Farley. 

The iBoxit pallet is already being trialled in the fishing industry in Aberdeenshire. “If we were to roll it out to all the food and drink manufacturers in that area, it would be more than enough to demonstrate its capability,” Mr Farley says. 

iBoxit's John Farley (left) and finance director Alan Miles

iBoxit's John Farley (left) and finance director Alan Miles - Credit: iBoxit

“Scotland Food and Drink represents a variety of products and a variety of applications. Some are one-trip pallets, some are multi-use. The great thing is we have the versatility there to really test it – and it is more about transit testing, so we see how it performs when it’s battered about in lorries.”

There are two versions of the iBoxit pallet: a corrugated version and a compressed plastic one. Iboxit's long-term partner Smurfit Kappa is looking at licensing the corrugated version, while the plastic version has interest not only from Scotland Food and Drink but also from major construction-product producer Saint-Gobain.

Two issues still face Norwich-based iBoxit: rapidly scaling production and, first, the final testing that will be achieved with a roll-out in Scotland. “I want to be able to go to someone and say, 'It’s virtually indestructible and here’s the evidence’,” says Mr Farley.

“Our pallet can be used in any application – wet, dry, internal or external. It helps the planet, it takes out plastic and is biodegrable and fully recyclable,” he concludes. “It has the potential to change the way packaging is done.”

For further information, see www.iboxit.uk

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