Future 50: Little Hotdog Watson gets ready for winter

Little Hotdog Watson hat

Little Hotdog Watson winter hats: cool headgear for cold days - Credit: Little Hotdog Watson

Norwich-based hat brand debuts new collection in Jarrold’s city centre store


The Future 50 programme is powered by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

If you look in the shop windows of the main Jarrold store, you’ll spot an eye-catching array of children’s hats – part of the new winter range from Norwich-based Future 50 member Little Hotdog Watson. “Jarrold is at the heart of the Norwich community, isn't it?” says founder Emma Watson. “They wanted to support local businesses - and I think it gives them an opportunity to explore new product categories.

Little Hotdog Watson founder Emma Watson

Little Hotdog Watson was founded by Emma Watson when she couldn't find quality hats for her own children - Credit: Little Hotdog Watson

“There’s a pop-up section in store and I was the first business to go in - for three weeks. It's a low-cost space in the centre of the city. I was selling but it was also good for brand awareness.” 

Little Hotdog Watson summer hats appeared in the Norwich store’s windows in September, but they’ve been updated with the winter range as the displays were refreshed. They’re also on the Jarrold website and in the Jarrold Christmas catalogue. 

Little Hotdog Watson children's hats

Little Hotdog Watson hats focus not only on fun designs that kids want to wear but also on using quality materials - Credit: Little Hotdog Watson

All of which is great success in the local market – but it is set against the backdrop of a difficult year. “I don't know a business that's not impacted by Brexit,” says Emma. “You can't get product into Europe without it costing a lot of money. That's definitely impacted not just me, but every small business I know.

“Then the supply chain has been an absolute nightmare. It used to cost me about £500 pounds to bring my goods in. It now costs me £3000. Plus the ongoing problems that Brexit has caused - through the additional work that customs, logistics and everyone is having to do - has put so much pressure on the entire system that I have goods I can't get in - they're just delayed. So I’m working really proactively.”

Little Hotdog Watson hat

The new winter line has been well-received by customers - Credit: Little Hotdog Watson

The reaction to the fruits of her labour has been positive, with the new collection being well-received. “People like the new prints and new colours,” Emma says. "And customers seem to be getting ready for winter early this year - I think everyone's expecting a colder winter.”

Little Hotdog Watson gold hat

The Little Hotdog Watson style is playful but also practical - hats that work well and look good - Credit: Little Hotdog Watson

Emma is also currently looking for businesses who can donate lights to help decorate the house of a dying child. Six-year-old Anastasia Hazell has a terminal brain cancer and has just months to live so family and friends are looking for lights to decorate the inside and outside of her house for her last Christmas – if you can help, please make contact through the Little Hotdog Watson website.

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For further information see www.littlehotdogwatson.com 

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