Bingo in Clacton gets a buzz

Buzz Bingo rebranding at Castleford

Buzz Bingo rebranding at Castleford - Credit: Archant

Gala Leisure is to relaunch all its Gala Bingo clubs as Buzz Bingo with two-year £40 million investment plan

Clacton-On-Sea club is one of the first to be rebranded.

Buzz Bingo’s chief executive Chris Matthrews hopes the re-launch will “reignite the allure of bingo and the ‘buzz’ of playing”, as well as attract new audiences into bingo halls. He added: “Keeping the spirit of community that our customers love is very important to us as we expand in the future, into the online space and attract a new generation of players.”

The re-launch comes with a surge of investment to roll out in two clubs initially, including the one in Clacton, with investment to their other 122 clubs following in the months after.

The company claims there has been a surge in the number of bingo related hashtags used on Instagram, which demonstrates that Bingo has a genuine appeal to the younger generation who are keen to promote their experience.

Clacton-On-Sea’s Buzz Bingo will hold its’ official launch party on June 30.

There are also Gala Bingo clubs in Ipswich and Colchester.