Gallery: Readers share pictures of tattoos by Fat Bob following decision to close after 30 years in Woodbridge Road, Ipswich

Fat Bob's tattoo parlour and owner Bob Bryant, who has been forced to close his tattoo parlour havin

Fat Bob's tattoo parlour and owner Bob Bryant, who has been forced to close his tattoo parlour having not been able to make enough money to keep it going. - Credit: Gregg Brown

Customers and wellwishers have voiced their support for an Ipswich tattoo artist who has announced he is shutting up shop after 30 years.

Bob Bryant, owner of Fat Bob’s tattoo emporium in Woodbridge Road, last week announced the closure of his business after being unable to compete with the influx of tattoo artists who have come to Ipswich.

Now, readers have shared their pictures and memories of Bob’s artwork, and wished the veteran tattoo artist well on his next venture.

One reader last week commented: “That’s sad, he is an Ipswich institution. I remember when he operated out of a barge in Pin Mill.”

Another added: “In my day Fat Bob was the only tattooist in the village. Sorry to hear you’ve been forced out of business though Bob and hope you have better luck in future.”

Commenting online, one user said: “Good luck Bob in whatever you do next. I have known you for about 30 odd years and you have been a very dear friend to me and my family.”

Dawn Forsdike from Woodbridge, said: “I remember Bob telling me ‘This is your first, and I bet it won’t be your last.’ And he was right - I had number 16 done last week.”

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Bob has been a practicing tattoo artist for 42 years, of which 30 were spent at his Woodbridge Road shop, but said the number of people using home tattoo kits and the level of competition in Ipswich had forced him to close.

He added: “I would like to thank all the people for their business.

“I was really grateful for them and I have always tried to look after my customers by using the best pigments I could get.”