Gallery: Suffolk Canine Creche offering Disney-style bedrooms with televisions to meet demand for dog day care

The Suffolk Canine Creche has a new premises on Sandy Lane in Martlesham.
The dogs have their own t

The Suffolk Canine Creche has a new premises on Sandy Lane in Martlesham. The dogs have their own themed bedrooms with televisions. Daisy Duke in the princess room. - Credit: Archant

People working longer hours has fuelled a surge in demand for ‘doggy day care’, according to one canine creche which is now offering hounds themed bedrooms with televisions.

Suffolk Canine Creche in Martlesham moved from Gloster Road to a new 11,000sq ft location in Sandy Lane at the beginning of December.

Before then, it had been turning away up to 50 dogs a week as demand grew.

Candace Rose, 45, who founded the creche in January 2012, said: “The working week has changed a lot, people are working longer hours and commute further, but they still want to experience having a family dog.

“With a creche, it allows people to see that their dog is happy, and it takes away some of the guilt that owners often feel when they go away on holiday and have to leave their pets behind.”

Among the facilities at the new creche are 10 bedrooms themed from Disney to pirates, each with built-in televisions, as well as giant paddling pools and play areas with wendy houses.

Mrs Rose added: “To be moving to something so big was daunting, but we were looking after 200 dogs a week and we were turning away 40 to 50 dogs a week because we didn’t have the space.”

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The new creche is licensed to look after 80 dogs a day, double the amount that could be cared for in Gloster Road, and can also house dogs overnight, with over 80 bookings made for families away over Christmas.

A spokesperson from the RSPCA said: “There is no one ‘perfect’ way to care for all dogs because every dog and every situation is different, but day creches do help many people juggle their responsibilities with working life and make sure they are cared for at all times.”

The creche has also employed a new dog trainer and behaviourist among its nine new employees, to run puppy training courses, and temperament and rehabilitation classes for feisty dogs.