Gallery: The tea marquee is back for the Suffolk Show 2013

Suffolk Show - July 1986

Suffolk Show - July 1986

AFTER months of planning we can finally reveal that the EADT tea marquee is making a return to the Suffolk Show next month.

Debbie Noye, events manager for Archant Suffolk, said: “The tea marquee was always popular and every year we get asked why we stopped it so this year we decided to bring it back.

“Our readers can come and see us, have a seat and enjoy a fresh cup of tea or coffee.

“And while they are there, they can talk to members of the team and let us know what they love about our papers, websites, offers and mobile sites.

“We are looking forward to meeting you all on the day.”

Readers can collect tokens printed in paper ahead of the show, or buy a copy of the EADT on the day to get a free drink on our stand.

To celebrate the return of the tea marquee, we have put together a gallery of Suffolk Show greats from years gone by. Can you spot yourself in any of the photos?

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