Giant Creme Egg tins - are you egg-cited or shell-shocked?

Tins of creme eggs and mini eggs at the Cadbury outlet at Braintree village Picture: NATALIE SADLER

Tins of creme eggs and mini eggs at the Cadbury outlet at Braintree village Picture: NATALIE SADLER - Credit: Archant

New giant tins of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs look set to be the big Easter craze this year - but some customers have slammed them for including too much packaging.

The large Cadbury Creme Egg and Mini Egg gifting tins have been launched well ahead of Easter 2020. Initially, they were available only via the Cadbury website, but now they are starting to appear in shops as well.

Cadbury says the tubs are "perfect for Easter baking and make a great gift". The Mini Egg Tin contains 10 egg bags, while the Cadbury Creme Egg Tin contains eight Creme Eggs and one Mini Creme Egg bag.

The tins both have a recommended price of £6, with the Creme Egg tin containing 319g of eggs and the Mini Egg tin containing 409g. Both also include interactive graphics to give recipients access to recipes online.

There is currently a display of the tins at the Cadbury outlet at Braintree Village, and they should soon be arriving in more retail stores in Suffolk and north Essex.

However, the egg tins have already been causing controversy both locally and nationally, with some customers complaining about the fact that the Mini Eggs are in bags, meaning there is a lot of packaging.

In Suffolk, Sandra Turner said on Facebook: "This is definitely too much packaging and not helping with today's recycling, and less chocolate and fillings for your money spent on them. It's cheaper to buy a bar of chocolate with more for less expense and less packaging too, and get your money's worth."

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Michelle Riseborough said: "Saw someone open and empty the contents of the bags into the tin and they didn't cover the bottom of the tin."

And Daniel Powell added: "Per kg they are more expensive than some bags of mini eggs."

But other customers have welcomed the tubs and have been tagging friends and relations, with some asking for the tins instead of traditional Easter eggs.