Glasswells storage firm expands Bury St Edmunds archive space with £250k investment

Glasswells' new mezzanine storage area, installed at a cost of �250,000.

Glasswells' new mezzanine storage area, installed at a cost of �250,000. - Credit: Archant

A removals and storage firm has invested a quarter of a million pounds to create more capacity at its warehouse facilities.

Glasswells, which also owns a furniture store chain, has completed a 10-week project to install a new mezzanine floor at its site in Kempson Way as it targets new business.

The firm, which has been offering companies and individuals tailor-made storage services since 1946 and says the business is “thriving”, has constructed the new metal frame mezzanine at the front of the warehouse, making use of previously vacant space above the loading bays.

The new floor has created an additional 9,000sqft of storage space for customers who use the archiving service.

The project, which began in November last year, was completed in January with fire proofing to the structure, painting and the installation of electrics.

The new floor holds 230 storage containers, each holding approximately 100 archive boxes over two levels, allowing Glasswells’ customers easier access to their containers.

The document archiving space service for companies who have a requirement for it includes document retrieval and delivery and confidential shredding.

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The containers can also be hired by families or individuals who have temporary or longer term domestic storage needs, such as when they are moving house.

The firm says the containers can be adapted for any form of storage in the future.

Managing director Paul Glasswell said the investment opened up new business opportunities in what was a burgeoning market in the town.

“The investment of £250,000 into the project will help us to target what we know is a growing market in Bury St Edmunds, as well as freeing up some floor space, which can be used to store larger items for new customers,” he said.

“Another plus is that new and existing customers of our storage facilities will now be able to access their storage boxes without prior appointment during opening hours.”

The company has also launched a new storage website in conjunction with the opening of the mezzanine floor to help promote what it believed was a “lesser known” side of the business.