Hadleigh: Petrol station idea sparks concern

The Morrisons Hadleigh store

The Morrisons Hadleigh store - Credit: Archant

Concerns have been raised after it emerged that supermarket chain Morrisons is considering building a petrol station at its Hadleigh store.

People living in nearby Boswell Lane, Lambert Close, Freeman Close, Charter Close and Oxford Drive are worried that the proposed location for the petrol station is too close to houses, and could pose a threat to their health and safety.

Around 80 of them have signed a petition stating that they believe it could have a ‘negative impact’ on the area and would be ‘detrimental to community spirit’.

Ian Wilson, of Freeman Close, said: “We have grave concerns about them putting a petrol station in the middle of a residential estate within 10 yards of the nearest house. Although Hadleigh needs a petrol station in some form, our primary concern is the proposed location in a dense residential area.

“We are worried about the effect of the fumes on our health, the extra traffic it will generate and the possible increase in crime it could bring to the area. We have also been told it could knock 12% off the value of our properties.”

Although no plans have been submitted, a member of the team that managed the consultation process for the new store on behalf of Morrisons wrote to Mr Wilson confirming that the company is reviewing the idea of a petrol station at the Hadleigh site. In the letter, she said: “At the exhibition, many Hadleigh residents were disappointed that a petrol station was not included in the proposal and stressed the need in the area, considering that they have to travel miles for cheap petrol.”

A Babergh District Council spokesman added: “The council has communicated to Morrisons the importance of properly consulting with the local community at all stages, should they decide to develop this project.”