Hadleigh: Richard Jackson managers complete buy-out

SENIOR managers at a consulting engineering firm have bought out the company.

Richard Jackson employs 65 staff who all retain their jobs, 45 of whom are based at its headquarters in Hadleigh, and the others at its offices in London, Cambridge and Norwich.

It has been bought from founding partners David Clarke, Brian Butcher, Mike Smith and Ken Wallace.

The firm was originally created in 1976 by Richard Jackson, who left in 2002, with the partners joining the business in the 1980s. They plan to retire over the coming years.

The firm provides consulting engineering services for structural and civil engineering, pre-planning, building investigations, health and safety services and geotechnical advice.

The new team of Richard Miall, Mark Geddes, Laura Butcher, Kevin Tosh and Stuart Allen is led by chief executive Mr Miall and chairman Mr Allen who have ambitious plans to grow the business, which currently turns over about �4.5million to �5m.

“This buyout allows for a smooth transition in the ownership and management of the company as the original founders move towards retirement in the next few years,” said Mr Miall.

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“We are looking to expand and grow now. It really depends on the work level, but we are fairly ambitious about the growth plan so we are looking at 10% a year. It may be 5% this year.”

The firm’s core work is in the south of England and the Midlands.