Hadleigh window cleaner launches new business soft washing house walls as well

Adam Culwick, Hadleigh Window Cleaning

Adam Culwick, Hadleigh Window Cleaning - Credit: Archant

A Suffolk window cleaner has launched a new business cleaning the sides of buildings using technology from the United States.

Adam Culwick, who runs Hadleigh Window Cleaning, has started to offer ‘soft washing’ which uses a mixture of biodegradeable chemicals and detergents to clean render and gables of algae, moulds, and mildew - saving homeowners the expense of having to repaint their house.

He said: “I was looking for another side to the business when I found out about soft washing - not much is known about it in the UK but it has the potential to save homeowners hundreds of pounds.

“The technology brings the render up from a horrible green back to fresh paint that looks brand new again.”

He added: “We’ve only recently started using it - we cleaned one property and three other homeowners who lived in the same street got in touch because they were so impressed with the results.”