Snowdrop-filled woodland oasis ‘away from stresses and strains’ up for sale

Semer Wood near Hadleigh

Semer Wood, a wildlife have near Hadleigh, which is on the market through Lacy Scott and Knight - Credit: Sam Girling

An “enchanting” area of Suffolk woodland which is filled with snowdrops in springtime is being offered up for sale with a freehold guide price of more than £75k.

The two parcels of land stretch to around six acres on the edge of the village of Semer, near Hadleigh. The site includes a shepherd’s hut, shed – and Toyota Hilux pickup truck used to collect firewood for the hut’s wood burner.

The current owner – who asked to remain anonymous – has maintained the woodland as a wildlife haven – and has never carried out any shooting there. He hopes the new owners will carry on this tradition, and says the sale presented a “rare opportunity” for conservation-minded buyers to enjoy “the many benefits that ownership of the wood has brought to me over the years”.

Among the delights are a profusion of snowdrops which come on display early every spring.

“The wood provides a valuable renewable energy source of firewood on a continuous basis if suitably managed, as well as being a sound investment,” added agents Lacy Scott and Knight.

The present owner – who has owned the site for 20 years - said he had watched it “watched it develop into a very special place in Suffolk, far away from all the stresses and strains of modern life and at the same time I have been able to put something back as far as the environment is concerned”.

“It is a very peaceful and tranquil sanctuary in this modern world we now live in,” he said.

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“When I first became aware that Semer Wood was for sale almost 20 years ago, I saw this as an opportunity for the environmental features of the land to flourish and also for the timber to be effectively managed and utilised as a renewable asset with a low carbon footprint providing traditional building materials and firewood on a long term basis.

“In my younger days I was concerned over the large areas of woodland and hedges being bulldozed to increase arable production output, which included woodland margins and re-wilding areas where the existing habit could be preserved for the benefit of plant and wildlife.

“On the basis that “you have got to give if you want to gather”, I very much hope that Semer Wood will be able to flourish 
in this way and remain a safe haven for many years and generations to come.”