Doggy tea party display scoops top prize for Suffolk pet shop

A doggy tea party held at the Feedbarn in Halesworth won first prize in pet food company Arden Grange's window competition

A doggy tea party held at the Feedbarn in Halesworth won first prize in pet food company Arden Grange's window display competition - Credit: Feedbarn Suffolk

Further celebrations are on the cards for a Suffolk pet shop after its doggy tea party window display score a £1,000 cash prize. 

The creativity of the team at the Feedbarn, in Halesworth, was not missed by judges when they entered Arden Grange's competition to mark their 25th anniversary. 

Owner Laura Brown said: "All pet shop owners were invited to set up a window display.

"We wanted something live, something more exciting so we went for the doggy tea party — We also had doggie canapés."

River the dog eating some delicious canapés (liver and crunchy bits) in Halesworth, Suffolk

River the dog eating some delicious canapés: liver and crunchy bits - Credit: Feedbarn Suffolk

"My dogs, and my friends' dogs who participated all had a wonderful time."

The tea party seems to have caused a bit of stir in the town.

Mrs Brown said; "There were people outside on the high street looking in and taking photos. We didn't invite them or anything, they just stumbled onto it.

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"It wasn't so much about winning, as it was about having a bit of fun with the community.

"The prize was a £1,000 John Lewis voucher. We shared it out between a number of customers who helped us set the event up, though a significant amount of it went to help local charities ensure needy children had a good Christmas."

A doggy tea party held at the Feedbarn in Halesworth won first prize in pet food company window display company

The dogs sat at chairs and drank from plates - Credit: Feedbarn Suffolk

However, it seems as if the canine tea parties will return to Halesworth soon.

Mrs Brown said: "We got a booking for a doggy tea party too. I wasn't planning on offering them but a man came in and said it was his dog's birthday coming up and that he wanted to book one."

Laura Brown has been selling pet food in Halesworth for the last six years.

In June the business moved down the road from their former Market Place unit into a rebuilt former newsagents, which was burnt down in an arson attack in 2018

The former DC Patrick Newsagents, which is thought to be more than 500 years old, had to be revamped to reach modern safety standards. 

If you would like to book a doggy tea party contact The Feedbarn Suffolk through the details listed on their website, or in store.