Happy campers get in swing

HAVING said “never again” to the Suffolk YFC Junior Campout we decided that the Junior members deserved another night under the stars as they had enjoyed it so much last year.

The date was booked, the weather was booked and a perfect venue was found along with a non-flammable gas BBQ.

This year’s event was fantastic and our 23 junior members were beautifully behaved and credits to their parents and clubs.

We spent the Saturday playing rounders, cricket, tackling a water challenge and making and flying kites as well as making the most of the weather.

The only respite from the heat was a water fight and I don’t think I have ever been so happy to have a bucket of water thrown over me.

As the evening drew in the heat of the sun went away and thanks to some fantastic parents helping out the Junior members learnt to fish with a bit of string and a long pole.

Much to my amazement the fishing was very successful but I did have to say no to cooking their catches! Caitlin Holdgate of Lark Valley was the proud catcher of the day’s biggest fish which she was very pleased about.

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As dusk drew in the Juniors were very well fed by our resident chef, Duncan Fiske, without incident and ex County Chairman Clare Lock provided the entertainment for the evening with her array of “old school” tunes.

The juniors stood back in awe at the seniors dance moves but eventually gave in to joining in. “Tricky” Tom of Debenham YFC was the master of invention once again providing an Olympic themed lightbulb bowler hat much to everyone’s amazement.

The boy is a genius as I managed not to fall down any of the plethora of rabbit holes.

The Juniors finally went to bed at 1.30am having had a great day we hope.

A peaceful night and all up again by 6am for bacon sarnies and home by mid morning.

We survived and it was an absolute pleasure to host.

Same time next year? Huge thanks to Mr and Mrs Williamson of Crowfield Airfield for having us and to our excellent brigade of helpers, Duncan Fiske, Tom Walne, Sarah Morley, Felicity Mockford, Bea Groom, Clare Lock, Adrian Holdgate and Mark Stephan.

The Suffolk YFC Annual General Meeting is being held on Monday, October 1, at Otley College at 7.30pm with David Lawrence, Principal of Otley and Easton Colleges as our speaker for the evening. All are welcome.

We’re all ready to start with the Autumn programmes and the clubs are getting ready to start again.

For all information on Suffolk YFC and our clubs please contact the County Office on 01473 785547 or office@suffolkyfc.com