Haverhhill: IFF reveals �6.3m systems investment

AN international flavours and fragrances firm says it has invested more than �6million in new technology at its Haverhill site.

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) plant, which employs 260 staff in the town, has been investing in a system which extends its products’ shelf life.

CAPLOCK is a type of technology which is used for delivering flavours in products ranging from instant beverage powders to baked goods. It is used in products needing a long shelf-life to ensure flavour doesn’t deteriorate.

IFF regional general manager Matthias Haeni said: “We have exceptional technical knowledge of this advanced delivery system in Haverhill and further building on this existing expertise was a logical progression.

“The additional production capabilities at the Haverhill site give our customers greater access to a range of flavour delivery solutions.

Along with the team at Haverhill, it was “a powerful tool” which was of strategic importance and they would therefore continue to invest in it heavily, he said.

IFF country manager Philip Gardner said: “This is great news for Haverhill and we look forward to providing our customers with the competitive edge in terms of products and flavours.”

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IFF in Haverhill supplies flavours and fragrances for a wide variety of sectors including fragrances, beauty care, household goods, beverages, confectionery and food products.

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