Henry and Charlotte met while studying hairdressing

Charlotte Scott and Henry Page, now engaged to be married, who met while training to become hairdres

Charlotte Scott and Henry Page, now engaged to be married, who met while training to become hairdressers - Credit: Archant

First wedding is on the way for an Ipswich hairdressing academy

The alan d hairdressing academy, in Ipswich, is set to have its first `student’ wedding in Spring 2017.

Barber Henry Page and hairdresser Charlotte Scott met when they were both training for their NVQ level 2 qualifications at the Ipswich academy, in Tacket Street.

They first met, at the training acadey, in January 2015 when their training days co-incided in Ipswich.

They became an “item” and Henry popped the question, to Charlotte, on her birthday in May this year.

She accepted and they intend to get married in May next year.

Charlotte,20, said: “It is a really exciting time for us.

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“We were working for different salons and our training was at the same time of the week

“We first started chatting whilst cleaning up at the end of a busy day at Alan d. I had to get the bus to and from Sudbury and there was a 40 minute wait when college finished.

“Henry waited with me, and it started from there. Our relationship really took off by helping each other at college and we started spending more time together on days off, going to theme parks and the cinema.

“We even qualified at the same time last year.”

The couple now both work for salons on Sudbury.

Charlotte has also now completed here NVQ Level 3 qualification and she is working at Shear Genius, Sudbury while Henry is also working in the town, at Medleys hairdressers and barbers.

Henry proposed to Charlotte on her birthday in May and the happy couple are planning to marry in May 2017, in Sudbury.

Edward Hemmings of alan d hairdressing academy said: “It is amazing and lovely.

“We have probably had students who got together but this is the first marriage that we know of.

“We can promise a career, qualifications and great training - and now we can offer wedding bells as well,” he laughed.

“It is great to see two of our former students making their plans for life together.

“Maybe it happened in the past, alan d hairdressing education has been going 25 years now, but we didn’t know about it.

“Now, with social media, it is so much easier for people to keep in touch - and to pass on good news like this.”