Ipswich: Another term for Ipswich Central as businesses back BID

IPSWICH: The organisation which promotes and manages the town centre is to continue in operation for the next five years after an overwhelming ballot victory.

Ipswich Central will continue to run the Business Improvement District (BID) in the town centre after winning backing from 93 per cent of the businesses who took part in the ballot.

That means firms in the town centre will continue to pay a levy to Ipswich Central until 2017 enabling its work to continue.

Paul Clement, Executive Director of Ipswich Central, said: “At a time when many businesses could have sought to reduce cost it is very encouraging to see that they have chosen not to do so but rather to continue with their investment in the future of the town.”

Nearly 70pc of businesses eligible to take part in the vote did so, meaning that an overall majority of those in the centre of the town backed Ipswich Central.

Mr Clement added: “We are proud to have secured an absolute mandate, meaning that 63% of all businesses eligible to vote, decided to continue with the work of the BID.

“They have trusted in us and we now have a responsibility to demonstrate to them that the right decision was made for the next five years.”

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Alistair Lang of Birketts, chair of the Ipswich Central Renewal Committee, said: “As a direct result of this ‘yes’ vote, an added �3.76million worth of investment will be brought into the town between now and 2017.”

Borough council leader David Ellesmere said: “I am very pleased that the businesses within the town centre BID area have voted in favour of continuing for another five years.

“Ipswich Central has helped to improve the town centre and it would have been a backward step if it had not progressed to this new phase.”

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