Ipswich: Calls for action over Waterfront eyesores

CALLS have been made to smarten up undeveloped and neglected areas of Ipswich’s historic Waterfront amid concerns over safety.

Businesses say the derelict industrial buildings at the Stoke Bridge end of the quay, close to DanceEast, provide an unappealing access point to the area.

They include the R&W Paul grain silo, the Old Burtons building and a third red brick low-rise.

The crumbling buildings are currently empty and Ipswich Borough Council says there are no development applications pending.

Dance East chief executive Assis Carreiro said more than 700 people, including women and children, use the performing arts facility every week.

“Fire trucks were out at fires there twice last month,” she said. “It’s badly lit, there’s graffiti everywhere, and there is no distinct walkway.

“The owners of the buildings have a responsibility to the community and it’s important for the pride and safety of Ipswich.

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“It’s about the image of the town. Even if we got the community to rally together and build a community garden, or even a car park, it would be better than having dangerous derelict buildings just sitting there.”

Jay Harvey from Ipswich Waterfront Action added: “The area is quite an eyesore at the moment.

“People talk about sums of money and it’s a case of finding someone who has the money to invest. But you have to be realistic and say that a development is probably not going to happen for a long time.”

Wendy Henderson, PR and marketing manager for nearby Viking Mariners said: “The general consensus is we’d like to see more development along the front here. It would be better for everyone, particularly retail.

Kie Humphreys, owner of Colours Caf� and Bushel Box Shop, added: “It would be lovely to see them turned into something else.”

Tany Hart, from Isaacs, said any improvement to the area would make it more inviting for everyone.

“It’s a shame we can’t continue all the work down there. It would allow people to continue to walk into the town centre.”