Ipswich: Gotelee Solicitors launches immigration service for firms hiring abroad

LAW law firm Gotelee Solicitors has launched a specialist service for businesses which want to make sure they stay on the right side of the law when employing staff from outside the UK.

Survey data indicates that many businesses recruiting from abroad are failing to comply fully with the complexities of immigration law.

Gotelee’s new service offers help with one-off cases or a retainer for businesses needing guidance on a more regular basis.

The firm can also represent organisations which may have inadvertently employed someone without the right to do so.

“The legislation covering employment of workers from outside the UK was given a shake-up in 2008 when a points-based system was introduced along with the concept of ‘employer sponsorship’ of workers,” said Marie Allen, an associate solicitor dealing with business immigration and employment at Gotelee.

“There are several tiers under which individuals can enter the UK for work and employers can be rightly confused and unsure which one applies and when or if a sponsorship licence is required, which it will be in the majority of cases.

“We work with clients to identify their needs and guide them through the process, ensuring that all the necessary boxes are ticked and the correct records are in place. It is the responsibility of the employer to make sure those they employ have the right to work in the UK. By not going through the correct channels companies can be prosecuted and incur heavy fines for illegal working practices.”