Ipswich/London: Ofsted boost for hairdressing academies

Alan D Hairdressing Academy, Ipswich
Edward and Alan Hemmings

Alan D Hairdressing Academy, Ipswich Edward and Alan Hemmings - Credit: Archant

Alan d Hairdressing Education are delighted to announce that they have been judged grade 2 (good) by OFSTED after an exhaustive, four day inspection at both the London and Ipswich Academies.

Academies’ principal Kevin Day said: “I’m so pleased with the result we’ve achieved! Our team of educators performed extremely well under the additional pressure that an inspection brings and I’m so proud of them. I’m also particularly happy that we were recognised for our strong supportive element offered to students who struggle with some elements of the course.”

Recent changes to the OFSTED inspection process means that schools and colleges now only receive two days notice before an inspection takes place.

This made the results even more exciting for directors Alan Hemmings and David Wada along with director of education Edward Hemmings, as they appreciate how unnerving the process can be.

Whilst toasting the team’s success with a glass of champagne, Alan said: “I’m really pleased.I believe these inspections can really demotivate your team when you don’t get the result you’re hoping for. However, at Alan d we have great trainers teaching the next generation of hairdressers and barbers, so I wasn’t worried at all!”

You can now view the OFSTED findings in their report found at www.ofsted.gov.uk