Ipswich: Low carbon farm’s ‘cheap cuts’ cookery course

Joanne Mudhar, who founded the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm

Joanne Mudhar, who founded the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm

A community farm will be hosting a ‘Nose to Tail’ cookery course on Saturday.

The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm at Rushmere St Andrew will be holding the event at the WI training kitchen in Ipswich from 10.30am.

Participants will learn how to cook nutritious and cheap meals from neglected cuts of meat.

The course costs £25 per person, and must be booked in advance at www.the-oak-tree.co.uk.

Professional ex-chef Lesley Bennett and amateur home cook Joanne Mudhar of The Oak Tree Farm will lead. Everyone will enjoy some of the fruits of their labour at lunchtime, and will also take home samples to share with friends and family.

On the menu will be faggots, brawn, stuffed lambs hearts and brown stock from beef bones.

These recipes used to be staples of the British kitchen, but now such ingredients can go to waste, or are made into pet food.

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The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm is home to Suffolk’s first Community Supported Agriculture Scheme, where around 100 farm members get involved in producing their own food, sharing the risks and rewards of farming.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) first developed in the USA and Japan, and is now spreading fast in the UK, The Oak Tree CSA was one of the first schemes in the UK when it began three years ago, and has been growing ever since.

The farm is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise that offers naturally grown vegetables, eggs, meat and flowers to its members. The aim of the farm is to supply good, nutritious food to farm members while being both financially viable and environmentally sustainable.