Ipswich printing company steps up its training programme

– L-R David Strike - Trainee Estimator, Kieron Mandley –Assistant Print Technician, Kathryn Filby -

L-R David Strike - Trainee Estimator, Kieron Mandley Assistant Print Technician, Kathryn Filby - Business Admin Apprentice, Liam Young - Trainee Estimator - Credit: Archant

Ancient House Printing Group, of Ipswich, is investing in the future with a new trainee programme.

Ipswich companies are investing in the future, by taking on young talent to gain experience in new careers.

The Ancient House Printing Group understands the importance of succession planning and is focussed on bringing both young people and fresh thinking into the business.

So it has introduced a new training programme.

The UK print industry is experiencing a long awaited revival and Ancient House is at the forefront of talent development.

The Ipswich-based company has embarked on a strategic development plan to ensure it is well placed to take the business from strength to strength in the years to come.

“We have tremendous talent and experience within the business already,” said Micheal Underdown, joint managing director.

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“But we understand the need to complement our existing knowledge base with young people as well as fresh ideas.”

Ancient House has recently employed new recruits from varying backgrounds to undertake structured training programmes; this is in addition to the on-going coaching of existing employees, helping them to take a step up in their printing career.

Micheal goes on to say ‘A blend of experience and youth throws new and unexpected ideas into the mix – and that keeps us, as a business, fresh and able to react to the ever demanding expectations of our customers.’

With annual sales of £13.5 billion, the UK printing industry is the fifth largest in the world; employing over 120,000 people in around 9,000 companies.