Wedding and events space in major refurbishment work at luxury Brett Valley venue

Front of the marquis hotel

The Marquis is a luxury hotel, restaurant and bar. - Credit: The Marquis

Plans for major refurbishment work at the luxury hotel, bar and restaurant, Marquis, in Layham, are beginning after being given the green light by Babergh District Council.

General manager of the Marquis, Will Hardwick, said: “We’re extending the current building, so we’ll have an extra five or six bedrooms, a wedding and events space, another bar and lounge, a spa overlooking the valley and some further landscape gardens.

“The plans have been in motion for a few years now, but obviously the planning itself particularly with Covid was quite drawn out.

“It’s really about taking the Marquis to the next level.

“Giving more reasons for people to come to the Marquis, to Layham, and to this part of Suffolk."

Restaurant tables at the Marquis

The refurbishment works include another bar and lounge as well as wedding and events space, amongst other things. - Credit: The Marquis

However, these developments may yet be only the start of wider improvements to the venue.

Mr Hardwick added: “There are more stages after this one, we’d like to grow more but those are to be confirmed. 

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“The owner is very much committed to investing in the Marquis and in the area itself.

“There will be, hopefully, lots more things to come.”

The Marquis is set in picturesque Brett Valley countryside and Mr Hardwick believes that this can be a factor in the success of these refurbishments.

“It’s such a beautiful location that whatever you think of doing there the views just make it that little bit more special.

“Whether it’s having a drink on the terrace, or something to eat on the terrace, overlooking the river and the other side of the valley, to having a wedding, spending a day in the spa.

Room with view of surrounding countryside at The Marquis

Rooms in the hotel at the Marquis offer spectacular views of the Brett Valley and surrounding countryside. - Credit: The Marquis

"I think that quite unique view makes it that little bit more special and that little bit more memorable.” 

Work on the refurbishment project, which will create more jobs in the area, has been formally given the go-ahead by Babergh District Council. 

Mr Hardwick added, “we’ve already sort of started, we’ve already built half of the new car park.

“The next stages, beginning the works to be able to build the next part of the building start next week.” 

“Over the next year or two while we’re building everything we’re going to have lots of new roles, lots of new positions becoming available.

“We’re always open to have a chat with people."