Martlesham Heath-based Turners Blinds and Shutters eyes growth after investment in new products

Flying blinds made by Turners Blinds and Shutters at Martlesham Heath.
Picture: Turners Blinds and

Flying blinds made by Turners Blinds and Shutters at Martlesham Heath. Picture: Turners Blinds and Shutters - Credit: Archant

A fast-growing blinds manufacturer based in Suffolk is aiming for further expansion after investing in new equipment to bring more of its production in-house.

Turners Blinds and Shutters, which was established by owner Andrew Turner 11 years ago, already hand-makes most of its own blinds at its base in Martlesham Heath, near Ipswich.

Now, it will be able to produce additional products including pefect fit roller blinds, shaped pleated blinds and flying binds, where the entire blind moves within the frame.

“We’re proud to hand-make the majority of our blinds right here in our Suffolk studio; that’s what makes us different,” said Mr Turner.

“Our customers really value the quality of our work, and the fact we can produce something to fit their exact requirements. But technology is changing all the time, and we need to change with it.

“I spent time researching the market and opted for a new system for our pleated blinds from our German partners, Benthin, based in Bremerhaven. Their engineering really is second-to-none.

“Our flying blinds are proving really popular. You can move the entire blind up and down within the frame which is pretty unique. It means people can block glare from the sun without losing too much of the view. It’s those details which make the difference between a regular off-the-shelf blind and something bespoke.”

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Another recent move by the company has included the addition of a home control function to its motorised blinds, so that customers can operate them remotely using an app on their phone. “That’s something we wouldn’t have dreamt of a year or two ago,” said Mr Turner.

Turners has been based in Betts Avenue on the Martlesham Heath Business Park since its launch but the site is now approaching full capacity.

Mr Turner worked on his own for the first seven years or so but, over the past three-and-a-half years, the business has expanded to a team of six.

“We are trying to push these bespoke products and to let people know that this kind of service is available locally,” said Mr Turner.

“Once we have got these new products bedded in the next big decision for us will be whether to add more space where we are or move to new premises.”

He added: “It’s been fantastic to grow the team and we’ll make sure we keep on top of any new innovations, but the core values will remain the same – great quality products hand-made by us. That’s why our customers choose us, so that will never change.”