Mendlesham: Tesco listing for chilli farm’s new range

THE Suffolk Chilli Company has secured a local listing in more than 50 Tesco stores for its newly-launched supermarket brand “Chilli Farm, Smokehouse & Deli”.

The Mendlesham company’s new black and white labelled products Extra Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce, Extra Hot Smoky Chilli Sauce and Hot Smoky Ketchup can be found in stores around East Anglia.

“We are really excited by the launch into Tesco and are hopeful that sales will go as well as they have in the Asda stores we listed in earlier in the year,” said company owner Adrian Nuttall.

“It’s really encouraging that large supermarkets are willing to support small local producers to give them the opportunity to promote their products alongside the bigger brands and showcase them to the mass market.”

Adrian and his wife Denise set up their Chilli Farm six years ago. They grow thousands of chillies every year which are used in their products and to develop new recipe ideas.

“We’ve been really careful to make the products taste fantastic and to keep the price competitive, so that customers don’t have to pay a premium to buy local,” Denise added.