Mistley: Maltsters at Crisp Maltings clear up craft brewers’ hazy beer with innovation

Crisp�s sales director, Steve LePoidevin, who is from Bury St Edmunds

Crisp�s sales director, Steve LePoidevin, who is from Bury St Edmunds - Credit: Archant

Maltsters have come up with an innovation aimed at clearing up cloudy beer.

A bag of Crisp Malting Group barley

A bag of Crisp Malting Group barley - Credit: Archant

Crisp Maltings, which is based in Mistley, Great Ryburgh and Ditchingham has created a new product called Clear Choice Malt, which is aimed at reducing haze in cask and bottled beer made by craft brewers.

Sales director Steve LePoidevin said only a “tiny, tiny percentage” of ales were supposed to be served cloudy.

“The overwhelming majority are intended to be presented bright and clear,” he said.

“For some time our maltsters have been looking for a way to help craft brewers, many of whom produce great beer but struggle to match the consistent clarity achieved by the larger breweries.”

Barley contains proanthocyanidin, which causes haze in beer over time, and while larger brewers are able to rectify this with costly equipment, processing or additives, small brewers are less able to overcome it.

“We’re producing a malt made from a fantastic “proanthocyanidin-free” barley variety. It delivers everything other varieties deliver, but with massive extra benefits,” he said.

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Mr Le Poidevin says the results of trials have been impressive.

“They’ve demonstrated consistently haze-free beer, more flavour stability, increased yield per cask and extended shelf-life - all this without the need for additives or treatments. Additionally there are more malty, sweet notes and reduced astringent, bitter notes in the beer produced with it.”