Mistley miller shows visitors how to use their loaf

HOME bread-making was given a much-kneaded boost after bakery and food ingredients firm Edme held an event for local residents.

Edme, which is based at Mistley, near Manningtree, is supporting a campaign to get people behind British foods, and especially bread.

It invited local people to look around its mills, learn about the natural ingredients they produce and test their taste buds.

“The quality of bread in this country has improved massively over the past 20 years, and the choice has grown enormously.” said Edme marketing director James Smith.

“Yet people don’t know a great deal about the ingredients. At Edme we produce a wide variety of flours and grains and mixes that give fantastic flavours and textures and really help to differentiate one loaf from another. We wanted to encourage people to think about which ingredients go into which breads.”

Head baker Richard Ball showed them how to make a ciabatta loaf following a tour of the mill.

Having talked through the characteristics of flours and grains and looked at the raw ingredients, people were challenged to identify the ingredients in six different loaves of speciality bread by smelling, tasting and examining the bread samples.

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“Edme really enjoyed hosting this fun and informative event,” said Mr Smith. “The message that came through loud and clear was that people want to support British farmers and producers and that they care about the provenance and quality of the ingredients they eat and use at home.

“They seemed to be genuinely surprised at how a small amount of one ingredient such as rye flour or rolled oats can so significantly change the flavour and texture of the bread. We hope that we have created new army of ambassadors who will spread the message about what a great, varied and natural product bread really is.”