More Schmallenberg or ‘deformed lamb’ cases found in UK

Schmallenberg, or ‘deformed lamb’ virus (SBV) infection has been identified on 145 UK farms.

Nine of the positive cases have been diagnosed in cattle, 136 in sheep, and none to date in other species. Two new counties have reported disease: Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

So far, none of the affected farms have reported importing animals during 2011 from the affected areas in mainland Europe. SBV infection has only been identified in areas at risk of midge incursion from Northern Europe during summer or autumn of 2011.

The new virus was discovered on continental Europe last year and in the UK this year. Among the symptoms are stillborn lambs and calves or livestock born deformed.

In Suffolk, there are now 12 affected sheep farms, and two cattle farms, in Essex there are eight affected sheep farms and in Norfolk, 15 sheep sites and three cattle sites have so far had cases confirmed.