Afrikan Boy follows in Ed Sheeran’s footsteps by filming music video in Suffolk

Afrikan Boy - Butterfly video; a scene from his new music video - which was filmed in Ipswich. This

Afrikan Boy - Butterfly video; a scene from his new music video - which was filmed in Ipswich. This is at Ipswch Waterfront. - Credit: Archant

Ipswich landmarks the Waterfront and Holywells Park feature in a new reggae-inspired music video by Afrikan Boy.

It might not quite be Castle on the Hill. Ed Sheeran’s official video, which was also filmed in Suffolk, but Afrikan Boy - Butterfly, does showcase Ipswich, and does it really well.

“It is getting a lot of views on social media, “said video maker Remi Morrison of Red Cactus Media.

“It is great for Ipswich, and Ipswich creatives. Ipswich looks really cool. It would be great to see a lot more music videos filmed in Suffolk.”

The video was directed by Remi and Adam Collier and produced by Ghanaian Stallion.

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Mrs Morrison added: “I came up with the concept and took it to the performer. It was a change of direction for him, and I thought it would be better to tell a story, it is such a lovely song.

“We had a lot of help from other Suffolk creatives, and businesses - The Cult Bar, Doorsteps cafe and the university. Gerry Capon supplied the vintage car which featured too.

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“It was all very positive. We have the talent to do this here in Suffolk. If it is good enough for Ed Sheeran, why not? I love using Suffolk.”

Afrikan Boy is a South London-based Grime MC and performer, originally from Nigeria, and a rising star of the scene.

He appeared as a guest on rapper MIA’s hit track Hussel.

His own hits include One Day I Went to Lidl, Ancestry and Hit Em Up.

Butterfly is very different; an infectious, melodic love song.

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