NFU East boss quits to take up new role

Gary Ford of the NFU

Gary Ford, who is quitting his role as director of NFU East Anglia for a new role in Worcestershire - Credit: Warren Page

The National Farmers' Union director for East Anglia is leaving in April to take up a new post.

Gary Ford, 54, is quitting his Newmarket-based post to take up a new job in his home county of Worcestershire.

He arrived in East Anglia to take up the post in May 2020. He was previously the NFU's chief poultry adviser and succeeded Rachel Carrington, who left to start a new life in France.

He is from a farming background  and before becoming a poultry adviser to the NFU he  was  county adviser for Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

He will now take over as senior group secretary at the NFU’s Bromsgrove branch, where he will be working on behalf of NFU members and NFU Mutual insured businesses.

“I’ve been proud and honoured to lead the NFU East Anglia team, during such a challenging period for British agriculture," he said.

“Labour shortages, rising input costs, the impact of new trade deals and reductions in farm support are just some of the issues we have been dealing with, largely while working remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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“I am sorry to be leaving but couldn’t turn down the opportunity of moving to my ‘home’ branch, an area where my parents still farm and where I have lived all my life.

“I’m pleased I will still be part of the NFU, an organisation which is working so hard to ensure there is a thriving future for our vital food and farming industry.”

He leaves at the end of April and his successor is yet to be appointed.