Pet food maker helps obese dog win the battle of the bulge

Teddy before losing weight Picture: C CHAFFEY

Teddy before losing weight Picture: C CHAFFEY - Credit: Archant

A high performance pet food maker says it is “proud” of the role it has played in getting an overweight Labrador back into shape.

Teddy after losing weight Picture: C CHAFFEY

Teddy after losing weight Picture: C CHAFFEY - Credit: Archant

Stradbroke-based Skinner’s Pet Foods says it helped six-year-old Teddy to shed 6kg over three months with a simple switch to its Field & Trial Light & Senior pet food.

Owners Charlotte and Ben Chaffey of Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire knew they had to do something when their pet reached 36kg, looked overweight and was suffering from stiff joints.

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“His coat has improved, he looks healthier, muscular and is generally a happier dog,” said Mrs Chaffey.

“He used to be very stiff, particularly after exercise, whereas this has now improved greatly. He also used to want to just lay about on the sofa, but now has a spring in his step.”

Skinner’s said its Light and Senior product suited less active dogs needing dietary support alongside exercise and other lifestyle management.

Marketing director Hiedi Hutchinson said: “Obesity in dogs is a growing concern and our nutritional team are consistently advising and supporting customers on how best to choose a diet most suited to their dog’s ‘realistic’ activity levels and how to best measure, monitor and manage their food effectively.”