Old pub gets new lease of life and strongman name

IPSWICH: A long unoccupied pub is to be given a big lift by its prospective new tenant.

The Silver Star, which has stood vacant in Vernon Street since late 2008, is soon to become a social club named after a heavyweight strongman.

Permission has been granted for new proprietors to move in and turn the old pub into a “community meeting place” called Pudzianowski’s.

The public licence will also allow non- members to frequent the new club, named after Polish strongman and mixed martial artist, Mariusz Pudzianowski, who has won five World’s Strongest Man titles and eats ten eggs for breakfast.

New landlord Larry Graham, who also runs Seven Oaks hostel in Trimley, saw the pub boarded up and made inquiries.

He said: “We’d like to cater for anyone who wants a place to go where they can drink Polish beer and eat Polish food. We want to bring people together.

“We have a chef who will be preparing eastern European food – all good strong stuff.

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“I had seen Mariusz Pudzianowski on the television when thinking of a name for the place.

“He’s a good sportsman and all round athlete – and everybody knows him in Poland.”

Mr Graham even contacted the man himself who, he said, was delighted to have a club named after him in Ipswich.

It is hoped he might make a visit next time he is in the UK.

The powerful Pole, nicknamed Dominator, is the only person to win the event five times.

His debut as a mixed martial arts fighter in December lasted just 43 seconds before his opponent threw in the towel.

He even finished second in the Polish version of Dancing with the Stars.

Mr Graham hopes the club will be open by December.

Ipswich Borough Council has given the new leaseholders a public licence to operate as a social club for members and non-members.

A spokeswoman said: “A licence has been granted. Any objections mediated and no hearing will be required.

“Permission was given for a what is officially a members’ club which will serve as a meeting place.”

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