New hair salon opens up with its very own puppy on the premises

rhiannon clarke

Rhiannon Clarke, 21, has opened Cloud 9 Hair Design on Bridge Road in Oulton Broad. - Credit: Rhiannon Clarke

A brand new hair salon providing a specialist service to customers has opened up in Oulton Broad.

Rhiannon Clarke, 21, from Bungay, opened up Cloud 9 Hair Design at Golden Court on Bridge Road, Oulton Broad on May 4 2022.

While early on setting up, Miss Clarke has already established a strong customer base and has even brought little Dachshund, Lottie, to the new premises.

puppy oulton broad cloud 9 hair salon

Lottie the puppy is a brand new addition to the hair salon. - Credit: Rhiannon Clarke

Talking about the inspiration behind setting up the business, Miss Clarke said: "Since I was really young I've always wanted to have my own hair salon premises.

"Thinking about having my own space and decorating it how I like has always been really important to me.

"I wanted to have my own freedom and not be tied down to anyone so I decided to take the plunge and start up my own business.

"I've always worked in a hair salon - starting a hair salon Saturday job aged 14 and then completing an apprenticeship.

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"After a few years now I felt it was the right time to set up my business."

studio 9

Cloud 9 Hair Design in Oulton Broad opened up at the start of May. - Credit: Rhiannon Clarke

Miss Clarke currently works with one other woman and she has plans to expand the number of staff in the future.

For now, she is concentrating on delivering excellent customer service to customers old and new.

She said that she has already seen a strong customer base from clients who she has worked with in the past to new clients coming in to the premises.

cloud 9 hair salon oulton broad

Miss Clarke has already established a strong customer base. - Credit: Rhiannon Clarke

"It has already been really good since opening," she said.

"I am already building up our client base which is really positive to see.

"We aim to offer a specialist service to all our customers who walk through the doors.

"We specialise in providing hair extensions, hair colourings and hair cuttings."

cloud 9 hair salon oulton broad

The hair salon specialises in providing hair extensions, hair colourings and hair cuttings. - Credit: Rhiannon Clarke

As of this week the hair salon is going to have an exciting brand new addition.

Miss Clarke said: "We are really happy to announce we will have a salon puppy called Lottie who is a dachshund. 

"It was a very spontaneous decision but we hope she will make all our clients very happy when they see her.

"I'm excited for this new professional chapter."