Plans submitted for Suffolk equestrian centre's new home

Lisa Kelly of Iken riding school Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

Lisa Kelly has owned and run Iken Bay Riding & Livery since 2005. - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

The Iken Bay Riding & Livery centre has submitted plans to move to a new location, after its current site's lease was terminated.

The equestrian centre offers a variety of services, including riding lessons, hacks and a popular Pony Club. 

Lisa Kelly, who has owned and run the business since 2005, said: “This is a family run business, and we try to make sure that our staff and customers feel part of that wider family. It is important to me that riding is accessible to as many people as possible.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of good physical and mental health. There are so many health benefits to horse riding, not only the more obvious physical benefits; it also helps to improve mood and reduce anxiety"

Lisa Kelly of Iken riding school Picture: CHARLOTTE BOND

The centre caters for all levels of equestrian skill, and runs a thriving Pony Club. - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Currently Lisa lives at the site in Iken with her family, and it is planned that this will continue with her making the move alongside the business to Campsea Ashe.

She said: “We are rated a 5-star establishment under the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018. To achieve this rating, I have to live on site, so that I can ensure that the welfare of our horses and ponies is of the highest standard, something which is of the utmost importance to me.”

Charles Curry-Hyde is the architect for the project, and he added: "The design is very low key and once built, it will be hard to tell how long it has been there."

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"The stables and small house have been positioned on the back edge of the site, near an existing cluster of houses, to maintain the open views into the paddocks from the bend in Ivy Lodge Road.

Aerial design of the plans for new premises

The new premises are hoped to be located in Campsea Ashe, and will include 12 stables and storage, as well as provide home to both Kelly, her family, and her business. - Credit: Curry-Hyde LLP

"We discovered that this place was likely to have been a medieval drovers' camp on the route to Melton and then on to London, so it is fitting that it could return to being a place that is alive with horses and riders."

The application is still taking comments on the proposals. However, it appears that the vast majority of responses have been positive for the project.

Lisa Kelly added: “We hope to move into our new home in spring 2023 and my family, staff and customers are already very excited about the move."

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